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We offer a happy, homely and safe working environment for your child in a stress free atmosphere. A relaxed atmosphere is essential to them achieving their best.

Established in 1990, Ros and Claire provide private individual (one-to-one) coaching for the 11+ grammar school entrance tests and Common Entrance, successfully coaching many pupils each academic year.

We provide verbal reasoning assessments, practice tests and mock examinations

Through the lessons we offer, we hope to increase confidence and concentration levels, expand vocabulary and encourage accuracy with times tables.

Studying with us will help develop improved literacy and numeracy skills, exam techniques, speed of working, the ability to work alone, techniques for checking work and the ability to self-correct.

Coach House Tutors Oakridge
Coach House Tutors Oakridge
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These skills are crucial at secondary school.

The class work and homework sheets provided at The Coach House Tutors are of similar difficulty to the actual tests. We are able to fully cover all the question types the children will encounter in the Gloucestershire Secondary School entrance tests.

While we cannot guarantee success, we will answer your questions about your child’s progress honestly.

Whatever the final outcome, their ability to tackle the tests, their confidence and their speed will grow.

It is our belief that these sessions will not only help your child to make a more confident attempt at the 11+ but also, whichever senior school they go to, they will have gained in many other areas which will stand them in good stead for the future.

Ros Smith Cert. Ed. & Claire Audritt B.A. Hons. P.G.C.E.

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The pupils we tutor are generally aiming for...

• Stroud High School • Marling School • Sir Thomas Rich’s School • The Crypt School
• Ribston Hall High School • High School for Girls Gloucester • Pate's Grammar School

Why do children need coaching for the 11+?

Good tuition gives a child the confidence to achieve his or her own, often hidden, potential. This is done through familiarity with the questions, awareness of timing, improving levels of concentration, and by obtaining detailed knowledge of exam techniques. Reputable tutors do not, probably cannot, and certainly would not wish to alter a child’s perceived IQ so that they end up in an unsuitable school where they would be unable to cope. But after a few sessions of specialist 11+ coaching with us, parents often report children suddenly showing improved scores in all areas of academic work at school, brought about by greater levels of concentration and confidence.

Children should not, however, be put under any pressure by parents or tutors and should therefore be coached carefully and gently in a happy and relaxed atmosphere. Often CEM questions are an almost incomprehensible mystery when the child first encounters them. Denying children the help they need to undertake one of these fairly tough tests could cause stress and distress on the big day as well as an unwarranted low score. The schools will insist that coaching is unnecessary and this may be true for a few exceptionally gifted children. However, in our experience, all pupils that have had tuition with us enter the exam with confidence knowing they are well prepared. This calm confidence enables them to ‘give it their best shot’ on the big day.

Delaying coaching or parental help until just days before the exam, in our opinion, puts your child under unnecessary pressure. Some forward planning by the parents is needed. Parents often do not realise that if the test is taken in September of Year Six, eleven months before children finish primary school, then coaching needs to start in October of Year Five. Most crucially, since so many children are prepared for selection tests by their parents or tutors, those who have not had sufficient preparation will be left at a significant disadvantage.

**This article was written by Ros & Claire for an article in the Telegraph.

Claire was recently interviewed for an article on Muddy Stilettos website titled 'How to ace the 11+ Thinking of putting your child in for the 11+? Having a verbal/non-verbal panic? Here's what to do.'

Ros and Claire are now teaching from two locations: Nailsworth & Oakridge Lynch
Please call Ros on 01285 760320 or Claire 01453 834153 for further details

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